Transform your business into a sustainable entreprise.

Our sustainability consultancy service is designed for businesses that are genuinely willing to embark on a journey towards sustainability.

We understand that such a journey can look to be a mammoth task to accomplish, but we believe it is a journey that every enterprise should endeavour to undertake, for our communities, our planet and for the long term perenity of the business itself.

Through access to our expertise in sustainability and our extensive network of experts & service providers in diverse fields, our service is designed so that you are accompanied throughout the complete journey of sustainability implementation in your business.


What we do.

Laying the foundation for sustainability
Start your journey to sustainability the right way with a clear roadmap and a solid foundation for success.

  • Assess the current standpoint of your business 
  • Provide you with a comprehensive report with recommendations of how you can bridge the gap
  • Provide you with the outlines of an initial roadmap and the way forward for your business to implement sustainability into your operations
Sustainability training & digital workshop
A key element to successfully transform your business into a sustainable enterprise is to understand the fundamentals of sustainability.

Our training and workshop equips you and your team  with the knowledge and resources that will allow you to successfully build towards a sustainable business.

These trainings & workshops are delivered with a mix of on-site and digital medium for maximum efficiency and minimal operational disruption

Sustainability certification program
We partner with you to implement a sustainability roadmap leading to a third-party sustainability label certification relevant to your business.

Working together with you as partner we: 
  • Identify a third party sustainability label certification relevant to your business
  • Implement a sustainability plan, systems & processes with the target of achieving certification 
  • On the field follow-ups
  • Pre-certification assessment

Access Our Community of Experts

We connect you to our extensive network of local experts. From waste management to optimising energy use to supporting local initiatives such as children empowerment, you can leverage on our network of partners to achieve your sustainability goals.

Get in touch with our team

If you are looking to genuinely transform your business into a sustainable enterprise and looking to engage into a sustainability certification process, talking to our team first is the right place to start. 

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